Still-Life Gallery


"When I paint still-life, I just dive into my own ocean of harmony, this is the ultimate focus mode, as it is very demanding and technical. Creating a still-life painting is a journey that starts with a memory or a story from my life. The composition is created using objects that have meaning to me personally and have a particular theme. I take my own photography and feel the painting when I look through the viewfinder. The technicality of executing a painting is what I find most fascinating, getting the colours correct using a limited pallet, the depth of field, the forms, the light, the values, I simply love it." 

Sabbi Gavrailov-Artist 



Halloween Vibes-Origanal Oil Painting by Sabbi Gavrailov

"Halloween vibes"-2021

"First harvest"-2022



Anniversario-Origanal Oil Painting by Sabbi Gavrailov



"Roses by the window"-2022

"Cook italian"-2021, Alla prima


"Nostalgia"-2021, Alla Prima

"The French Way"-2021

" Cognac time"-2021

"Asparagus"-2021, Alla prima

"Game on"-2022

"Champagne tribute"-2021

"Dirty Martini"-2021


"Pears & rhubarb"-2021

"Coffee morning"-2021, Alla Prima

"Cognac and Cigar"-2020

"Whiskey on the rocks"-2020