Let’s talk portraiture

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In today’s world of digital cameras, selfies and endless printing possibilities, we all seem to be forgetting that commissioning an oil portrait is the ultimate, long-lasting, timeless quality, which cannot be matched by any other means.

By choosing to invest in an oil portrait, you will have peace of mind that you possess a bespoke original artwork which will look as magnificent as it does today in hundreds of years’ time, and it will remain a legacy for generations to come. 

Portrait commission for me is not a task it is a journey and here is how it goes:

  • I  discuss your requirements over the phone, via video call or in person where possible.
  • I use your good-quality reference photographs.
  • Photographs are assessed and digitally edited for the portrait painting.
  • A photo session could be arranged should a suitable portrait photograph is not available.
  • I give you an exact quote and then take a deposit of 30% with the balance due on completion.
  • Images are sent regularly to ensure I exceed your expectations.
  • I am happy to discuss progress and agree on adjustments where applicable at any time during the process.
  • High-res photos or video of the final portrait sent for your final approval.
  • Final payment is made only when the painting is approved.
  • Delivery and unveil are intended to be done in person depending on location.
  • Portraits are finished in gloss or matt varnish and a frame of your choice.
  • All paintings are delivered free of charge to Mainland, UK
  • All portraits are hand signed by the artist and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

Why I am different?

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The decision of commissioning an oil portrait by a trusted artist is not an easy one. 
There are so many talented artists, styles, and approaches to this genre, that it can be easily overwhelming, but rest assured, I am here to guide you personally through the entire journey.

My approach and experience to portraiture extend to Classical, Contemporary, and Impressionist styles which I adore equally as much. Through my years of experience in portraiture, I have worked with various types of requests, but the number one priority and ultimate goal remains client satisfaction. 

Understanding your requirement is the foundation of exceeding your expectation. To achieve that I tailor my approach to each client and project individually to deliver a great result. 

Are you working to a particular size or budget?  Who is the portrait of? 

 What style is going to best suit your home? When do you want your portrait completed?

There is no obligation during these conversations as we are establishing the details and ensuring you make the right choice for the project, guaranteeing an outstanding result. 

Let me take it from here the S.G. way

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Once we shake hands, I had to do my bit and get in the zone. 

The portrait painting usually takes between 2-4 weeks to complete depending on the size and the style. Classical portraits are more technical and require a slightly longer time to complete than contemporary or impressionist styles of painting.

I regularly communicate with you during the process to ensure we are on the right track and your expectations are met. I am even happy for you to pop in the studio if you live locally to see the process. You can also call me or contact me with any questions that may come up, I am only a phone call away.

Once the masterpiece is done, I will send you an image or we can discuss it over a video call so you can see the painting and have your final say. We can then agree on the varnish finish and framing so it does match your home interior and compliments the painting style.

I tent to deliver in person were possible and hand it to you, so I thank you for your custom.

Oil Portraits by Sabbi Gavrailov
Commission Portrait Horses by Sabbi Gavrailov
Award Winning Portraits by Sabbi Gavrailov
Landscapes in oil by Sabbi Gavrailov