"Simple Life"

Original Painting by Sabbi Gavrailov 2022


"6th Figurative Internationally Judged Art Competition" 
Teravarna Fine Art Gallery, LA, California, USA, 2023

Landscape Art

"The nature around us is probably the most inspirational subject that I will never stop exploring, it gives me so much as an artist. Everywhere I look, I am fascinated by its magic, the seasons, the light, the flora and fauna, the sea, the sky and on and on."

                                                                                                                                Sabbi Gavrailov - Artist

"Simple life"-2022
Private collection, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

"Simple life"-2022

Teravarna Fine Art Gallery "6th Figurative Art Competition" LA, California, USA, 2023

"At sunset"-2023

"Stormy morning"-2023

"Vineyards 2"-2023

"The Old Vine"-2023


"St. Peter and Paul Church"-2023

"Mystic Light"-2023

"The Old Town of Plovdiv"-2023

"Afternoon walk"-2022
Private Collection, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

"Fountains of Plovdiv"-2023

Private Collection, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

"Before the Storm"-2022

"Sunset over the old church"-2022

"The Old Monastery"-2022
Private Collection, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

"St, Dimitar Church"-2022
Private Collection, Cyprus

"Landscape at sunrise"-2022

"Far and Away"-2022

"Shelter by the pond"-2022

"First snow"-2022

"After the rain" 2021
Private collection, Bulgaria

"Tate Britain"-2022
Private Collection, Mayfair, London

"The missing scene"-2022
Private Collection, Mayfair, London

"Spirit of London"-2022
Private Collection, Mayfair, London 

"The Grove"-2022