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Portrait Commissions Open

"One of my favourite subjects is portraiture. The expressions of the person painted are what inspire me to create portraits. 
I often lose myself in my image library looking for that emotion to strike me. When I receive a commission my first request is to meet the person where possible and take the photographs myself, it just gives me that special touch. The ultimate goal for me is to see the initial emotion once the portrait is revealed and the customer falls in love from first sight, the feeling is so unexplainably rewarding, this is why I do it."

Sabbi Gavrailov - Artist 

Portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Sabbi Gavrailov, 2022

Portrait of Zlatyu Boyadzhiev-Artist

Sabbi Gavrailov, 2022

"Stranger with cowboy hat"

Live demo portrait, 2022

Portrait of Geno Lazarov-Artist

Sabbi Gavrailov, 2022

The Artist

Sabbi Gavrailov

Self-Portrait, 2021

Portrait of Toni

*Best in ShowHAC 62nd Annual Group Exhibition, Harpenden, UK, 2021

"Category Finalist"-BUCKS Art competition, 2022

"Commission portrait"-2021

"London Times"-2021

"Angel Gabriel"-2020



Commission portrait, 2021

"Bulgarian Girl"

Commision portrait, 2020