Landscape Gallery

"The nature around us is probably the most inspirational subject that I will never stop exploring, it gives me so much as an artist. Everywhere I look I am fascinated by its magic, the seasons, the light, the flora and fauna, the sea, the sky and on and on. I use a loose brush approach, suggestive painting, palette knife as well as impasto technique in my landscapes.
My colours are muted in trying to create realism and I do not try to get to the details, I let viewers figure that out."

Sabbi Gavrailov - Artist

"The Grove"-2022


"The Grove"-2022

"Sunset over the old church"-2022

"Far and Away"-2022

"Shelter by the pond"-2022

"First snow"-2022

"The lonely hammock"-2022

"Walk under the spring sun"-2022


"The Old Monastery"-2022

"Tate Britain"-2022

"The missing scene"-2022

"Spirit of London"-2022

"St, Dimitar Church"-2022

"After the rain" 2021